Our Own Citizen Soldier

During our Open House party last week I was hustling around making introductions, welcoming friends and colleagues to our new offices and ensuring everyone was having a great time.  As I rounded the corner into the board room I met someone who immediately made a huge impact on me.  Now, I know the work we do in organizations is important, but  it pales in comparison to our soldiers out in the field fighting for our freedom.  The person I was introduced to exemplifies leadership both on the field in combat as well as in the boardroom.

His name is Eran Harrill and I felt it was important to highlight him on this week in which we are celebrating our U.S. veterans.   Not only is Eran active duty military and the youngest-ever President of the OKC Black Chamber of Commerce, but he also produced a film called “Citizen Solider”. This documentary highlights the Oklahoma National Guard and his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011-2012. The film won the Chairman’s Award at the San Diego International Film Festival in 2016 – amazing!  I watched it the day after I met him and all I can say it is inspiring…
With this introduction, everyone here at Steople wants to say Thank You to Eran and all of the veterans that have made and continue to make huge sacrifices to keep our country safe and our freedom secure.  If you see someone over the next few days who has served or is currently active duty military, give them a big hug…watch the trailer below and look for Eran’s movie on Amazon Prime.