Standing Shoulder to Shoulder  

Here at Steople we have been incredibly active with all of our clients.  Reaching out, providing support and counsel…letting them know we are here to help them navigate through these unchartered waters.  I’ve been inspired and humbled by the countless hours that leaders have been working to ensure that the individuals, teams, and companies they serve are safe and taken care of.  They have been fearless, determined, and resolute.  Three weeks into the pandemic, this is what I have learned:

  1. Leaders have scrambled to take care of their stakeholders and have adapted their leadership according to the situation;
  2. Many have made difficult decisions ranging from worker safety to layoffs and it has taken a toll on them;
  3. They are leading with courage, but aren’t able to slow down and take care of themselves;
  4. Having to work in a “remote” world poses many new challenges including employee engagement and motivation issues and;
  5. The lack of control and ambiguity of the situation makes it difficult to focus on the future and determine a sound direction.

One of the best bits of advice I have gotten in the past week is don’t just leave conversations with  “Let me know if I can help”  instead be very specific about what actions you can take to help your stakeholders.  As organizational psychologists, also trained in Critical Incident Stress Management, we have pivoted and created brand new services to meet your direct needs.  The following offerings are specifically designed with you in mind and are both relevant and practical to your current situation.  Let us support you!

As many of you know, we have always had a hybrid of in-person and remote product lines, but, in the current environment, we have doubled down on the remote platform.  What we are finding is that it works beautifully!  Of course, we can’t wait to be able to work in person, but, for now, being able to have face-to-face time either individually or with teams on a Zoom meeting has proven to be very beneficial.  We are definitely doing a lot of encouraging and reminding clients of important concepts on how to stay resilient in the face of adversity.

Please know that as a business owner, I stand with you. Steople serves those who take care of their people, who want to leave a legacy, who own who they are, who do not settle, and who defy the odds. The human race is resilient, flexible, and strong beyond imagination. I promise we can solve any problem we face together.