Stress In America 2020

At my core, I am a psychologist and social scientist. In grad school, my Stress and Coping class with Dr. Terry Pace was a favorite. Our ability to handle stress permeates every facet of our life. I firmly believe that as a leader in an organization you need to have a firm grasp of what kind of stress your team is under, as well as societal events and trends that might impact the business. The time we are currently living in is, I’m sure, is going to be studied and analyzed in the coming years. We are now facing a national crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences that will last for some time. But, for you right now, both in your personal and professional life, having information direct from a science-driven organization is crucial. Take a few minutes to read this very informative white paper from the American Psychological Association. And, remember, no one wants to support you in your journey more than I do.

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