Team Members

The secret to our success is our team

At Steople Group we pride ourselves on sourcing the best talent and experience to deliver a successful outcome every time.

As organizational psychologists, you can leverage our deep understanding of the complexities of human behavior in business settings. As experienced business people, we know how to translate that psychological perspective into practical and strategic value — use our unique ability not only to generate keen insights but also provide the counsel to leverage your team effectively.

Cristina Filippo

Ph.D., Founder and CEO

Before launching her own successful consultancies, Cristina worked with leadership teams within a large healthcare organization. She quickly realized, as did her clients, that the science of behavior and the success of business enterprises were inseparable. Since then, her life’s work has been to help grow great leaders who then build great companies.

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Isaias Centeno

Chief Marketing Strategy Officer

Isaias has extensive experience as a producer and production manager in the entertainment industry.  He has a wealth of knowledge in beginning-to-end project facilitation allowing him to be an excellent Chief Strategy Officer.

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Shelli Jackson

Ph.D., Senior Consultant

Shelli has a passion for partnering with leaders to establish and sustain vibrant workplace cultures, build high functioning teams, and evolve their own leadership effectiveness.  She combines her expertise in human behavior and interpersonal dynamics with a keen business acumen and enthusiasm for helping others grow.

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Layla Bokhari

Ph.D., Consultant

Layla specializes in providing talent development, executive coaching, organizational design, and change management support. Her emphasis with organizations is to ensure diversity, equity and inclusiveness (DE&I) are incorporated into daily practices.

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Kristi Gifford

Client Account Manager

Kristi has an educational background from which to draw practical ideas that enhance her professional skills within her workplace. Kristi is adept at managing business operations to meet client expectations and company goals.

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Susan Kight

Executive Assistant

Susan has a proven track record in education, business consulting, event coordination, senior-level executive support, management and training. She is committed to excellence in helping others find solutions. One client summed up one of her greatest traits as “being able to predict a need and then close the loop.”

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