Our Philosophy

We believe that leaders bring the weather. What you do within your organization really matters.

So, be honest with yourself…

developmentDo the leaders in your organization:

  • Struggle to effectively motivate and lead their employees?
  • Feel anxious or uncomfortable with making decisions effectively?
  • Micromanage or communicate poorly to employees?
  • Resist change and lack flexibility?
  • Lack self-awareness in how they impact others?

culture-icon Does the culture in your organization:

  • Lack cohesion and teamwork?
  • Feel disconnected from the many stakeholders?
  • Understand the customer and marketplace?
  • Have buy-in to the processes and structure that make the company work effectively?
  • Clearly identify what the goals, vision, and purpose are?

selectionDo the employees in your organization:

  • Report feeling overworked, stressed, and unappreciated?
  • Lack motivation resulting in low performance and less productivity?
  • Miss many work days due to illness or personal days?
  • Feel unhappy and are actively looking for other jobs?

If You Say Yes, You Are Not Alone!

Across the United States in 2016, approximately 68% of employees were “checked out” or “unhappy” with their jobs. Specifically, 52% of employees were not engaged, while the other 16% were actively disengaged, based on a 2016 Gallup Poll. The financial burden for this lack of productivity is estimated to result in $450 billion to $550 billion lost per year.

So, what is the secret to ensuring your employees, leaders, and culture is aligned and engaged? It starts at the top.  Whether it is individual capability, team dynamics or organizational behaviors, we help identify the problem then provide practical solutions based on well-founded psychological principles and best-in-class business practices. By implementing our proven approaches, we can drive sustained behavioral change and alter the organization’s culture so that it engages and motivates staff while delivering outstanding business outcomes.

Steople Group Organizational Excellence