What gets measured gets done.

Competency Frameworks


Developing a Competency Framework

Defining which competencies are necessary for success in your organization can help you do the following:

  • Ensure that your people demonstrate sufficient expertise.
  • Recruit and select new staff more effectively.
  • Evaluate performance more effectively.
  • Identify skill and competency gaps more efficiently.
  • Provide more customized training and professional development.
  • Plan sufficiently for succession.
  • Make change management processes work more efficiently.

How can you define the set of practices needed for effective performance? You can do this by adding a competency framework to your talent management program. By collecting and combining competency information, you can create a standardized approach to performance that’s clear and accessible to everyone in the company.


Create a Competency Framework Team

Include people from all areas of your business that will use the framework. Where possible, aim to represent the diversity of your organization.


Collect Information About Roles

Utilizing observation, interviews, questionnaires and analysis of the job descriptions will inform what behaviors are used to get the work done.


Utilize Research-Backed Competencies

People within the organization will validate and revise the competencies established.



A well-developed rollout to the organization linking business objectives, communicating framework clearly rewarding the competencies, and providing coaching and training will ensure a successful outcome.

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