Diving Into The Rich Tapestry Of Team Success
Let’s talk about building amazing teams! In the current corporate jungle where diversity, equity, and inclusion can be buzzwords, we often miss the real game-changer- embracing diverse thinking styles. The road to realizing the power of different perspectives usually starts with personal stories, shaping our understanding of inclusivity in this interconnected world.

My Unconventional Journey: Embracing My Quirkiness
So, picture this- I grew up with a mishmash of cultures: Saudi, Native Indigenous, Spanish, and American vibes all swirling around. Moving across countries, I constantly felt like the odd one out. Take Thanksgiving, for instance; my family rocks the turkey with our traditional rice and ground beef stuffing, and that turkey stuffing (rice) is served with yogurt on top. Yeah, we’re all about mixing it up. I always felt a bit offbeat to the other kids, no matter which country we were living in.

Fast forward to my career as an Industrial-Organizational consultant and coach, where I realized that my quirks were my strengths. Unique perspectives became my fuel, and mantra became breaking the mold. No one-size-fits-all leadership here. Your style should be as unique as you are, blending your individual strengths with some savvy best practices.

Cracking The Code Of Cognitive Diversity  
In a recent team building session with a church leadership team, we dug into their communication styles using the HBDI too. It was like opening a treasure chest of insights. The key takeaway? “Meet people where they are at, then guide them through your door.” Understanding the four cognitive diversity preferences is gold for leaders looking to level up their communication game. The four different selves include: Analyze, Organize, Personalize, and Strategize.

Beyond Skin-Deep Diversity
Diversity isn’t just about looks; it’s about varied thinking styles that are crucial for supercharging team dynamics and ramping up productivity. The Whole Brain Thinking Model is like the wizard behind the curtain, making conflict vanish and decisions a breeze. It’s all about embodying those four different thinking styles-analyzing facts, channeling your inner feelings, plotting your course, and mapping out the steps to get there. It’s a real walk in the park once you get the hang of it. Teams can increase productivity by a whopping 66% with diversity, including diversity of thinking styles. So spice up your team with individuals with diverse thinking styles.

Wrapping It Up: Harnessing Differences For The Win
Let’s drive this point home- the value of cognitive diversity in teams is off the charts. Embrace those different thinking styles, and you’re on the fast track to success in today’s wild world landscape. Cheers to those who don’t fit the mold!