Kristi Gifford

Kristi Gifford

Client Account Manager

Kristi brings a diverse background of work experience including work in the federal courts and as an elementary teacher. Kristi has an educational background from which to draw practical ideas that enhance her professional skills within her workplace. Kristi is adept at managing business operations to meet client expectations and company goals. Everyone can agree that she builds and maintains strong customer relationships and lives and breathes the company culture.

Kristi appreciates knowing that the work the group does with client leaders impacts the entire team from the top down. She believes enlightened leadership is the key to organizational effectiveness and employee satisfaction and fulfillment. She hopes her contributions to the group’s efforts are beneficial in assisting clients to reach their highest potential.

Kristi has a heart for helping, and that has resulted in a lifetime of volunteering her services to worthwhile organizations including serving as president on numerous boards and, being a part of the military family her entire life, giving back and supporting enlisted military comes as second nature to her.

Kristi enjoys reading, traveling, attending NBA games and spending time with her family.