Respect is how you treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.

Workplace Civility

As the workplace becomes faster-paced, more technologically complex, and culturally diverse, civility matters. Recent research, however, shows that workplace relationships may be fraying as fewer employees work in the office and feel more isolated, with globalization increasing cultural clashes that are left undiscussed, and with the digital age, messages being prone to communication gaps and misunderstandings. Research shows that hurtful workplace behavior can depress performance, increase employee turnover, and even mar customer relationships.

Luckily, we have a partnership with Dr. Michael Leiter, whose recent research and interventions, namely the SCORE (Strengthening a Culture of Respect and Engagement) Program, have focused on improving the quality of work life through enhancing the level of civility and respect among colleagues.



SCORE begins with an employee survey to identify the workgroup’s strengths and challenges while providing a benchmark for assessing progress.


SCORE is a facilitated workgroup program run over 5 x 90-minute sessions, scheduled approximately a month apart. SCORE invites all workgroup members to participate in the sessions.


Progress is assessed through a baseline and follow-up survey as well as through institutional data on absenteeism, complaints, retention, bullying and other incidents.

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